Baiting Live Mouse Traps

live mouse trapHumane mouse traps will keep unwanted rodent guests from disturbing your family, but will also keep your conscience clear by allowing the mouse or rat to live on to see another day… ideally at some different location than inside your home. Live and let live can be a great philosophy, but on the other hand annoying pests that can eat your food, as well as possibly introduce dangerous diseases should not be left to roam free indoors. So the happy middle ground is a live mouse trap.  Baiting a live mouse trap doesn’t really take doing anything different as the mouse doesn’t know what awaits him either way, but below are some ideas.

Live Mouse Trap

Live and let live can be a great philosophy, but on the other hand annoying pests that can eat your food, as well as possibly introduce dangerous diseases should not be left to roam free indoors. So the happy middleground is a live mouse trap. Baiting a live mouse trap doesn’t really take doing anything different as the mouse doesn’t know what awaits him either way, but below are some ideas. Humane mouse traps are almost always available at the hardware store. Or if you’re handy, you can build your own.

Baiting Your Live Mouse Trap

A live mouse trap is a great solution to stay humane, but how about the bait? Try these mouse baits:

  • Peanut butter
  • Bacon
  • Oatmeal
  • Crackers
  • Slim Jims

A live trap will trap a mouse without killing it, so you’re not giving it its last meal, your really just sending it off into the wild with a full belly. How nice of you!

After the mouse is caught in the live mouse trap, you can release it in the wild, maybe out in the country or a empty field.

Humane mouse traps are almost always available at the hardware store. Or if you’re handy, you can build your own.

The best way to avoid having to kill mice and rats is to make your home a place they don’t want to be in in the first place. Or you can make it a place that is very hard for them to get into as well. Repair and cover any and all the cracks in any walls or doors. Another big tip is to dispose of any garbage quickly and securely. Any available trash is a welcome sign to rats and mice. Inside the home, you should keep any food well sealed and secured in containers or inside the refrigerator. Mice love oatmeal type products and will quickly gnaw through any boxes or bags. Hard plastic containers are your best bet to keep them at bay. Also avoid leaving snacks sitting out around your kitchen. Feed pets indoors and wash their dishes as soon as they finish. Keeping a tidy house could keep you from even having to worry about getting a live mouse trap.


Mouse Trap Bait – Mouse Bait Blocks Are a “Two-for-one” Solution

mouse trap baitThe best mouse trap bait types are the ones that get the job done, whether it be bacon fat, peanut butter, cat food… or poisoned blocks. Yes poison mouse bait blocks and paste can get the job done.

Some people might want to eradicate their uninvited guests in a humane way with a live trap or a quick death by electricity, but that’s a personal choice. A mouse bait block can be even more effective. And if you are concerned about health risks posed by rats and mice, you need to take the problem seriously. When it comes to your family’s health, you can’t mess around and getting rid of the problem needs to be a high priority even if it means using poisons.

Mouse bait blocks offer a very appealing “two for one” option. The blocks act as the bait and, essentially, they’re also the trap! The mice are attracted to the block’s smell and if you’re lucky they will even carry the block to their nest. Once in the nest, it’s all over. Any rodents in the nest will share the bait and die.

The mouse bait blocks are easy to place in tight places and hard to reach crevices where actually putting a trap would be very difficult. Blocks are also very helpful for large buildings where setting enough traps can be difficult. And if there are fields or areas where large amounts of rodents can live in safety nearby, it’s a good solution for mouse trap bait.

The mouse bait blocks contain rodenticide poisons such as bromadiolone. The bait blocks are often weather resistant meaning they can get damp and still work.

This means that, a lot of the time, you won’t even see the mouse again. It will take the bait to the nest, eat it, share it and die there. And possibly if there are other mice there, they will eat the bait and also die.

One serious concern people have is the danger mouse bait blocks pose to their pets. Rat poison is a valid concern and it’s worth looking into. The threat level depends on the size of the pet and what kind of poison it ate.

Some of the mouse bait block-type products and similar items include:

  • D-Con Rat and Mouse Bait Blocks
  • Tomcat All Weather Bait Chunx
  • Ortho Home Defense Max No Touch Bait Paste Packs
  • Contrac Blox Rat & Mice Bait
  • JT Eaton Rat Mice Rodent Bait Blocks
  • Big Cheese All-Weather Block Bait Rat and Mouse Killer

Again, it’s a personal decision whether you want to use poison mouse bait blocks, but you can’t deny that they’re very a effective mouse trap bait to rid your home of rodents and the diseases they carry.

Note:  If you have mice in your home, it might be better to try mouse traps like the Victor 2425.  If the mouse eats the bait, it may die in a hard-to-reach place where you can’t retrieve it.


Go Electronic: The Best Mouse Trap

Using the best bait is one thing, but you need to also have a super effective mouse trap to seal the deal.  Once you’ve lured the mouse or rat, you need to have a great way to trap and neutralize them.  The Victor M2524 Electronic Mouse Trap is one of the biggest sellers out there at the moment.

Victor M2425Victor-M2524 Electronic-Mouse-Trap

Here’s why it’s so popular…  This trap features “advanced smart circuit technology”, meaning it detects when the rodent has entered inside the trap.   This electronic trap applies a charge of electricity once the mice are inside.   Once it’s inside, the trap emits a high voltage shock which kills the mouse in five seconds.  Then you can simply empty the trap into the trash, rebait it, and place it back in the area you’ve seen the mice.   After the trap has been activated and a mouse has been killed, a green indicator light will blink for 24 hours to let you know it’s time to empty and reset.

100 Mice Per 4 AA Batteries

According to the company, Victor, this trap can kill 100 or more mice per set of 4 AA batteries.  Its a pretty efficient and cost-effective way to rid your home of a mouse problem.

Electronic = Fast and Humane

On top of all that, some people don’t realize that using an electronic trap is a humane method to kill rats and mice.   This is because the trap kills the mouse on the spot with the electricity so the rodent will not suffer as it would in another style of trap such as glue traps or snap traps.  See here for more information.

Safe For Kids and Pets

As far as safety is concerned, this trap is safe to have around kids and pets. Unless you have pet mice 😉   The trap will automatically deactivate if the top access door is open.

Overall if you pair with a good mouse trap bait, it’s a good solution for any rodent issues you might have.


Mouse Repellent: The Anti-MouseTrapBait Solution

Having mice in the house is a serious problem. And things like mouse traps and even a very effective mouse trap bait aren’t always going to provide a total solution. Sometimes you need to use something that actually keeps the mice at bay instead of drawing them in with bait.

mouse trap bait and repellent

Mice scurry from one place to another in the house and wreck havoc. That is not it. They are highly unsanitary and should not be present at homes. They can spread very dangerous diseases and thus, they are a threat. It is important to keep your house mice free at all times. In case you find a mouse lurking around, you should have an effective mouse repellent at hand in order to get rid of it immediately before it can cause any damage. There are numerous different types of repellents in the market today including ultra sonic repellents and electric repellents. There are also mouse traps but these can pose a danger for children and pets. Poison is also dangerous for kids and pets who might consume it out of curiosity.

Nothing can beat the effectiveness of a natural mouse repellent. It is extremely safe and can get rid of the mouse in no time. here are some popular and effective natural repellents that you could use:

➢ Eucalyptus: Evidence proves that mice are irritated by eucalyptus. Thus it is ideal to take a few leaves and placing them in various areas in your house especially those areas, which mice frequent. This is an effective way to drive the mice away from our house. Good places to place the leaves include under the sinks, food pantry, the cabinets in the kitchen, and so on. Wherever you find evidence of a mouse hanging around, place the leaves there.

➢ Citronella: This is another effective mouse repellent. It can drive away other rodents too. If the problem is in your backyard or your garden, you can use citronella candles to drive them away from your garden. Inside the house, open flames can be a hazard. Hence you can buy citronella oil and soak cotton wads in it. Places these wads in different areas around the house in order to get rid of the mice.

➢ Peppermint oil: The scent of peppermint is pungent and something that displeases mice immensely. If you find their entry hole, simply stuff it with a cotton ball that you have soaked in peppermint oil. The mice won’t take long to retreat. Keep replacing the cotton wads, though, because the scent of this oil fades away rather quickly.

➢ Shake-Away: This is an ideal mouse repellent for outdoor use. It is made only of organic materials and is thus very safe not just for your pets and kids but also for your plants and your garden. This product comes in various smells such as that of a fox that feeds on mice. Thus, mice think that their predators are close by and tend to skedaddle from the location completely.

So as we’ve shown, you don’t always need traps or mouse trap bait to get rid of your mouse problem.  The best part about a natural mouse repellent is that it is humane and doesn’t kill the mice like traps do. The repellent will simply discourage the mice and force them into leaving your location. This is actually a very good way of getting rid of mice. There are many similar ways but the best have been mentioned here.


Snap-E Mouse Trap Review

Snap-E Mouse TrapThe Snap-E Mouse trap by Snap-E is a very popular trap that resembles the old style snap traps we all are familiar with. But Snap-E seems to have “built a better mouse trap” with this one. If you’re looking for a simple trap to put around the house, this review will provide a little insight into this trap.

Snap-E’s innovations to the old standard snap-trap include a “bait cup” for ease of placing bait (it’s less likely to roll off or be blown away by wind). Also, the vertical strike bar that snaps down when the trap is triggered has to travel only half of the distance length as the old-timey snap-traps had to. This means that the trap will get to it’s target faster and deliver the fatal blow before the rodent has a chance to escape. I know this has happened to me on multiple times when I find a trap has been triggered, the mouse bait is gone, but there’s no culprit to be found! The speed of this trap should help alleviate that problem.

The trap is made of plastic and steel, so it can be reused multiple times and won’t develop stains or odors. Once you have a rodent in the trap, all you have to do is release it into your garbage can and you can reset the trap easily. Another great benefit is that you’re not using any kind of poison which has been shown to hurt the environment. In fact the government is considering restricting sales of rat poisons for this very reason. At the very least, you can feel safer with children and pets around. Just make sure the traps are out of reach so no little hands or paws get snapped!

Click the link below to get Snap-E Mouse Trap shipped to you tomorrow:

Best Mouse Traps

Snap-E Trap







Best of luck in ridding your house or business of unwanted rodent guests!

PS: Here’s a great video on how to set a mouse trap safely, featuring the Snap-E Mouse Trap:



Mouse Attractant: Mouse Trap Bait in a Bottle

Mice are attracted to strong smells and there’s no better way to guarantee that you’ll get mice to go where you want them than to use a professional mouse attractant. Tomcat Mouse gel attractant is an option when you really want to get the job done. It’s non-toxic and they claim it works better than peanut butter or cheese bait, won’t stain carpets or clothing, and comes in a no-drip bottle.

If you’ve ever seen a mouse up close, you know that those little suckers are constantly sniffing their surroundings. It’s almost as if they “see” with their noses. So getting the right scent is key to catching them in a trap.

A solid mouse attractant can be used in place of mouse trap bait and could be even more effective.  It won’t be eaten by the mouse, but will continue to work even if the mice have been lured by it.  It’s a great solution for the old problem of losing bait.


Mouse trap bait – what to use to catch rats and mice without killing them

Mouse Trap BaitWhile there are many methods of getting rid of mice and rats from our homes, humane methods are becoming more popular. This is because people are becoming uncomfortable with inhumane methods of getting rid of these rodents such as the use of poison, snap traps and electric traps. Catch and release method is the best way to rid your home of these rodents. However, it’ll require the right mouse trap bait for it to work.

The Mouse Trap Methods

There are several methods that you can use to lure mice and rats into a trap. They include:

  •  Live traps. This is one of the most preferred humane mouse control method. Live traps are made up of a cage with only one door or entry point that locks up automatically upon the rodent’s entry. However, there is need for you to put mouse trap bait such as cheese in the cage so as to prompt the pest into entering the cage. In addition, the mouse bait station should be constructed well to reduce chances that the rodents will set off the trap before entering.
  • Toilet roll traps. This is another popular humane rat trap method. The method involves the use of a toilet paper roll that is connected to a ledge. The set up is then placed on top of a big bucket. You can place a piece of cheese on the edge to lure the pest into walking across the paper. The roll will snap when the rat steps on it and this will drop it into the bucket. However, you should use a steep bucket to prevent the mice or rats from climbing out. This will ensure that it remains in the bucket till you get rid of it.
  • The bike tire tunnel trap. This method is only effective when you are sure of the points that the mice use to enter your home. You can take sometime to observe their behavior before you identify the point that they use to get into your home.  This method involves connecting one end of a pipe or an old bicycle tire into the rodent’s entry hole while attaching the other end of the pipe to a big jar. The advantage with this method is that, it will work with or without placing mouse trap bait. Once a rat has entered the pipe, they will be forced to go to the other end. They will then drop into the jar and get trapped.
  • Lastly, you can use the classic towel trick. This is one of the easiest mouse trap bait methods. You should place treats along their point of entry to attract them. After the mice gets into your house, you should block the hole using a towel. After this, you can place the toilet roll bucket trap near the hole and it will trap the mice.

Releasing the Rodent

The best way to get rid of the pest without killing it is by releasing it several miles away from your home this will ensure that they will not find their way back to your house. It is important to release them in the wild where they will not go to other peoples homes. You can then apply natural mouse repellant products near your home to prevent more rodents from coming.  Mouse trap bait is effective in helping trap and contain mice even when you don’t want to kill them.