Go Electronic: The Best Mouse Trap

Using the best bait is one thing, but you need to also have a super effective mouse trap to seal the deal.  Once you’ve lured the mouse or rat, you need to have a great way to trap and neutralize them.  The Victor M2524 Electronic Mouse Trap is one of the biggest sellers out there at the moment.

Victor M2425Victor-M2524 Electronic-Mouse-Trap

Here’s why it’s so popular…  This trap features “advanced smart circuit technology”, meaning it detects when the rodent has entered inside the trap.   This electronic trap applies a charge of electricity once the mice are inside.   Once it’s inside, the trap emits a high voltage shock which kills the mouse in five seconds.  Then you can simply empty the trap into the trash, rebait it, and place it back in the area you’ve seen the mice.   After the trap has been activated and a mouse has been killed, a green indicator light will blink for 24 hours to let you know it’s time to empty and reset.

100 Mice Per 4 AA Batteries

According to the company, Victor, this trap can kill 100 or more mice per set of 4 AA batteries.  Its a pretty efficient and cost-effective way to rid your home of a mouse problem.

Electronic = Fast and Humane

On top of all that, some people don’t realize that using an electronic trap is a humane method to kill rats and mice.   This is because the trap kills the mouse on the spot with the electricity so the rodent will not suffer as it would in another style of trap such as glue traps or snap traps.  See here for more information.

Safe For Kids and Pets

As far as safety is concerned, this trap is safe to have around kids and pets. Unless you have pet mice 😉   The trap will automatically deactivate if the top access door is open.

Overall if you pair with a good mouse trap bait, it’s a good solution for any rodent issues you might have.

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