Mouse Attractant: Mouse Trap Bait in a Bottle

Mice are attracted to strong smells and there’s no better way to guarantee that you’ll get mice to go where you want them than to use a professional mouse attractant. Tomcat Mouse gel attractant is an option when you really want to get the job done. It’s non-toxic and they claim it works better than peanut butter or cheese bait, won’t stain carpets or clothing, and comes in a no-drip bottle.

If you’ve ever seen a mouse up close, you know that those little suckers are constantly sniffing their surroundings. It’s almost as if they “see” with their noses. So getting the right scent is key to catching them in a trap.

A solid mouse attractant can be used in place of mouse trap bait and could be even more effective.  It won’t be eaten by the mouse, but will continue to work even if the mice have been lured by it.  It’s a great solution for the old problem of losing bait.

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