Mouse Repellent: The Anti-MouseTrapBait Solution

Having mice in the house is a serious problem. And things like mouse traps and even a very effective mouse trap bait aren’t always going to provide a total solution. Sometimes you need to use something that actually keeps the mice at bay instead of drawing them in with bait.

mouse trap bait and repellent

Mice scurry from one place to another in the house and wreck havoc. That is not it. They are highly unsanitary and should not be present at homes. They can spread very dangerous diseases and thus, they are a threat. It is important to keep your house mice free at all times. In case you find a mouse lurking around, you should have an effective mouse repellent at hand in order to get rid of it immediately before it can cause any damage. There are numerous different types of repellents in the market today including ultra sonic repellents and electric repellents. There are also mouse traps but these can pose a danger for children and pets. Poison is also dangerous for kids and pets who might consume it out of curiosity.

Nothing can beat the effectiveness of a natural mouse repellent. It is extremely safe and can get rid of the mouse in no time. here are some popular and effective natural repellents that you could use:

➢ Eucalyptus: Evidence proves that mice are irritated by eucalyptus. Thus it is ideal to take a few leaves and placing them in various areas in your house especially those areas, which mice frequent. This is an effective way to drive the mice away from our house. Good places to place the leaves include under the sinks, food pantry, the cabinets in the kitchen, and so on. Wherever you find evidence of a mouse hanging around, place the leaves there.

➢ Citronella: This is another effective mouse repellent. It can drive away other rodents too. If the problem is in your backyard or your garden, you can use citronella candles to drive them away from your garden. Inside the house, open flames can be a hazard. Hence you can buy citronella oil and soak cotton wads in it. Places these wads in different areas around the house in order to get rid of the mice.

➢ Peppermint oil: The scent of peppermint is pungent and something that displeases mice immensely. If you find their entry hole, simply stuff it with a cotton ball that you have soaked in peppermint oil. The mice won’t take long to retreat. Keep replacing the cotton wads, though, because the scent of this oil fades away rather quickly.

➢ Shake-Away: This is an ideal mouse repellent for outdoor use. It is made only of organic materials and is thus very safe not just for your pets and kids but also for your plants and your garden. This product comes in various smells such as that of a fox that feeds on mice. Thus, mice think that their predators are close by and tend to skedaddle from the location completely.

So as we’ve shown, you don’t always need traps or mouse trap bait to get rid of your mouse problem.  The best part about a natural mouse repellent is that it is humane and doesn’t kill the mice like traps do. The repellent will simply discourage the mice and force them into leaving your location. This is actually a very good way of getting rid of mice. There are many similar ways but the best have been mentioned here.

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