Mouse Trap Bait Ideas

Mouse Trap BaitThere are many different kinds of mouse trap bait that a person can use to lure mice into the traps that they employ in their home.  Experimenting with different kinds of bait can be helpful. A recurring problem is that the commonly used mouse baits such as peanut butter, cheese, or any other product, is not that they are the wrong materials to use – it is more likely that the way they are used does not produce an effective enough method of catching the rodents.

For example, a lot of people have expressed concern in how their rodent bait is gone in the morning, but no mouse or rat is caught. This is most often because there was too much bait placed and it was too easy for the mouse to just lick it off, and safely enough so that it didn’t set off the trap.  Hence, it’s smart to use less of the bait, which will force the mouse or rat closer to the trap mechanism.

Also, keep in mind that the type of trap you are using may not be suitable for the kind of rodent problem you have. A tried and true trap we can recommend is the Victor M2524 Electronic Mouse Trap.  It’s easy to use and very effective.

Mouse Trap Bait Ideas:

There are many different tricks for the best, most effective mouse bait usage. Some people use cat food and then tie it onto the trigger of the mouse trap. This will force the mouse to pull on the food, and it cannot avoid disturbing the contraption and setting off the trap. Other types of mouse trap bait that can be applied in this scenario include:

  • bacon
  • bird seed
  • oats
  • butter
  • chocolate
  • pet foods
  • marshmallows
  • candy
  • raisins
  • small chunks of “Slim Jim’s” jerky

An important thing to be aware of with these types of mouse trap bait, however, is that they also can attract many other insects such as ants, cockroaches, and other flies. These can be bothersome as well and may cause a different kind of problem or infestation altogether. That is why some people have used cotton, put on a little chocolate syrup or vanilla extract onto it, and tied it onto the platform where the mouse trap bait is usually placed. This has also proven to be effective.

You can use yarn, dental floss, or other types of thin string to wrap the food with and make it stuck to the trigger. Or, tying a knot with these strings and spreading the rat bait material on the ball that this knot has formed will also make the mouse gnaw on the ball, that will also activate the trigger.

For something that will surely be stuck to the trigger of the mouse trap, some have experimented with gum and have proven that it works. You can personally chew this for a few seconds so that a lot of the sugar still remains with the gum, and then stick it onto the trigger. The smell will attract the mouse, that is why it makes good mouse trap bait, but it will also have to pull the gum because its adhesive quality makes it stuck to the trigger. This will activate the trigger of the mouse trap.

Other candy that can be used as mouse trap bait are jelly beans, brand name chocolates, and one that has the same consistency of gum – tootsie roll.

Remember that mice love sweets and fatty foods. You can experiment on these different possibilities for a mouse trap bait, but make sure to not put on too much, because, as stated, this will enable them to lick the thick mouse trap bait off much more easily without activating the trigger that sets off the trap and eventually kills them. They also love the aroma of the food, so pick mouse trap bait that they can smell easily and will attract them in a way that they cannot resist.

Also, mice have bad eyesight, so they tend to walk along walls for protection. Align the traps near the walls so that they can easily walk into it.

Alternative Bait Material

There are also some chemicals that can be used with the different types of bait that you utilize. These have poison in them that can cause different reactions in the internal functions of the mouse. Some will kill them instantly, and others can prove lethal only days after ingestion. One problem with these chemicals is that you will have to make sure that a fresh batch is always out for the rats that you want to infect, or else they may not be effective. Another complication would be that these can cause other damage if the mice are in contact with other pets, and will infect them unknowingly, or if the mice are eaten by livestock and will consequently cause for these animals as well.

Mouse bait blocks can be effective mouse trap bait, but you need to be careful that your pets don’t eat them.  They are usually water resistant an can fit in tight places where normal traps are harder to place.

Taking the Necessary Precautions

As you experiment with different types of mouse trap bait, and pick up the mice that are also caught with these contraptions, make sure to use gloves and to still disinfect your bare hands after every disposal and replacement of bait. Rats carry a lot of diseases and you wouldn’t want being infected as an addition to the many things you already have to think about.

Different Ways to Catch Mice

Electronic traps like the Victor M2524 Trap are one of the best ways to catch mice.  It’s easy to bait them with a little peanut butter, and once a mouse is zapped, disposal is a cinch. You just re-bait the trap and set it again.  Victor claims you can kill 100 mice on one set of AA batteries.

The snap trap, which is the oldest form of mouse trap, is one of the oldest mechanisms that have been used to catch mice. There have been considerable advancements in the technology of capturing and killing mice, such as the electronic mouse traps available in the market today. These two, along with the live mouse trap, are the three kinds that usually use mouse eradication in order to lure the rodents near their triggers that ensue their entrapment or probable death. They are also considered the more humane type of mouse trap, because they do not subject the mouse to more suffering and simply kill them. With the live mouse trap, they are eventually freed into the streets, farm, or woods.

The least humane mouse traps are the glue traps – the ones that the rodents unwittingly walk onto that make them trapped and stuck forever. These can also use bait, or the very adhesive used can have an incorporated aroma by the manufacturer to lure the mouse to walk onto it. This kind of mouse trap became the most popularly used in indoor situations, as it did not need so much effort such as putting and experimenting with different bait, having to set the mouse free after entrapment, or using an electric source to make it work. However, in recent years, some animal activists have denounced the use of glue traps as it makes the mouse suffer for a long time before it has to die. It makes it die a very painful and slow death, because they have no more access to food and fluids and therefore get dehydrated and starve. When they are simply disposed of without killing them first, they suffocate or are eaten by other animals alive. This is why a lot of animal rights groups have advocated for the termination of the use of this kind of mouse trap.

Overall, the type of mouse trap bait you use depends on what you find most effective but the types listed above should give you a good start on ridding your house of your uninvited guests.


35 thoughts on “Mouse Trap Bait Ideas

  1. I tried using peanut butter for years and it was nearly impossible to catch those nasty critters. After having read several ways to bait a trap, I decided to try something different, I put a small amount of peanut butter on the trap and then I put ONE Honey nut Cherrio in the peanut butter and BOOM within two hours I had him, didn’t even move the Cherrio

  2. If you want to catch mice humanely choose a tall bottle/jar/bucket eg in UK a pasarta jar. With the bottle/jar you put it at an angle so they cannot climb back up, a funnel makes it harder. Put some towels or something so the mice can get up to the right level to get in. they can get in but not out.

    (If it is a rat, you need something much larger – we caught loads in a wheeley bin, but then didn’t know how to move it/them.)

    • where do you put these mice when your done?

      I live in the bush but i have a showground behind me. Every time they have a rodeo i get about 15-30 mice.

      By the time i caught them all humanely, I would guess the population doubles…..then what? put them in the bush behind my house so they can come back?

  3. I put in a choc biscuit last night, having tried apple, bean sprouts, dog food. This morning there was a dormouse in my bottle. It can jump to the spout but I had a piece of newspaper to make the hole narrower and it couldn’t get out. The wider top means I can release it easier. For those who don’t know you want to release it at least 3 miles away and across a stream if you can. I wanted to upload a pic of it in the bottle, so people can see how easy it is to make a humane trap, but dont know how! good luck: I am so pleased to have been so successful so easily.

  4. The mice in my home can’t resist a Snicker’s bar. It has the peanuts and chocolate. Its also really not messy to deal with and a very small piece does the trick. It squishes on the foot tight too! (I use old fashioned, cheap, slap traps.) One bar, tightly wrapped in the fridge, will last a long time. For under $5 I can take care of our winter problem. I just have to remember to label it “for mice” so my house of boys don’t try to eat it!

  5. THanks for the tips. It is important to know the best ways to properly control these pests that invade our lives. It can be difficult to remove pests, but you have to do it to protect the family. I use electronic traps usually but haven’t had a problem for a while.

    • Theisen, I just got my first electronic traps, how do you set yours, I’ve read in comments a wet paper towel in front of it can make it more effective, but will the moisture mess my trap up? And just how do YOU, go about baiting and placing them. I would be thankful for your help, James

  6. Please try to be humane if possible. In my experience, homes with mice are easily taken care of by using a trap box. Victor makes one that’s pretty cheap on Ebay. I tell my clients to use them. Dispose a few miles from their home in the metroparks somewhere. It just makes everyone feel better about the problem. The main thing to consider is their entrance. Go around the home in by inch and seal up all cracks, holes, etc. Check the dryer vent on the outside. Check the seals on your windows also. If you don’t prevent them from coming in, you’ll always have an issue.

  7. I used to use dry cat food as bait. I got the idea because they were stealing it from the cat dish. These days I don’t have a cat and have been putting a hazelnut and a few sunflower seeds on each trap. These are just what I had handy but they seem to really work well. Whether it’s one or the other or both, I don’t know.

  8. I caught 20 mice in my house I saw one and set the trap but can’t catch it i just put different bait on trap hope I get it soon it’s been eating the poison to hope all mice almost gone I caught babies to.

  9. Hi
    i found a mouse in my bedroom last week, i bought traps on the internet & they came this morning i shall be putting a trap down later this afternoon with some chocolate spread on a peice of cotton pad with some luck i’ll have the lil bugger tonight 🙂

  10. I’m going back to the mouse trap and chocolate/peanut butter. I always wondered why they got the bait and didn’t trip the spring – too light. Using peanut butter to make it harder is a better idea. One thing I don’t understand is that over the past year I’ve lost mouse traps. I set them at night and in the morning one is gone. Happened twice. I tried three bottles of what is supposed to be coyote urine and found the only thing it got rid of was my cash.

  11. I have caught over a hundred mice in my garage and tack shed using a piece of date for bait. Sticky, heavy odor, sweet and it works.

  12. Hi forum. I have tried peanut butter, chocolate, mars bars pieces and they do not take anything or even set off the trap. I used some glue traps – nothing.

    What am I meant to do?
    I just saw one yesterday running from sofa to sofa!

  13. I have an RV that is stored at a Park for the winter a long way from home. I will not be going to check the traps for dead mice. I understand there is a trap that when the mouse takes the bait it will leave to find water, then die. Where can I get one?

    • Hi Ron,

      A good way to go is get one of these mouse bait stations (see here), and put some bait blocks in there (see here). It’s not a trap, so the mice will take the bait and leave, not get trapped inside.

    • Mice and other rodents will definitely eat most fruit, but an orange might be less attractive to them than say, peanut butter or a piece of Slim Jim. It would probably help to slice the orange up so they aren’t turned off by the bitter skin. Hope that helps!

  14. There is another reason that poison is a bad idea. The rat goes off and dies…. God knows where. You do NOT want a rotting rat corpse in your wall. Finding the source of the stench can be impossible, and my last for months.

  15. Best bait ever:

    Red Velvet Cake from Costco, mostly the creamy sweet icing but the cake in general, I’d climb into a trap for it and they(mice) cannot resist it!

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