Mouse trap bait – what to use to catch rats and mice without killing them

Mouse Trap BaitWhile there are many methods of getting rid of mice and rats from our homes, humane methods are becoming more popular. This is because people are becoming uncomfortable with inhumane methods of getting rid of these rodents such as the use of poison, snap traps and electric traps. Catch and release method is the best way to rid your home of these rodents. However, it’ll require the right mouse trap bait for it to work.

The Mouse Trap Methods

There are several methods that you can use to lure mice and rats into a trap. They include:

  •  Live traps. This is one of the most preferred humane mouse control method. Live traps are made up of a cage with only one door or entry point that locks up automatically upon the rodent’s entry. However, there is need for you to put mouse trap bait such as cheese in the cage so as to prompt the pest into entering the cage. In addition, the mouse bait station should be constructed well to reduce chances that the rodents will set off the trap before entering.
  • Toilet roll traps. This is another popular humane rat trap method. The method involves the use of a toilet paper roll that is connected to a ledge. The set up is then placed on top of a big bucket. You can place a piece of cheese on the edge to lure the pest into walking across the paper. The roll will snap when the rat steps on it and this will drop it into the bucket. However, you should use a steep bucket to prevent the mice or rats from climbing out. This will ensure that it remains in the bucket till you get rid of it.
  • The bike tire tunnel trap. This method is only effective when you are sure of the points that the mice use to enter your home. You can take sometime to observe their behavior before you identify the point that they use to get into your home.  This method involves connecting one end of a pipe or an old bicycle tire into the rodent’s entry hole while attaching the other end of the pipe to a big jar. The advantage with this method is that, it will work with or without placing mouse trap bait. Once a rat has entered the pipe, they will be forced to go to the other end. They will then drop into the jar and get trapped.
  • Lastly, you can use the classic towel trick. This is one of the easiest mouse trap bait methods. You should place treats along their point of entry to attract them. After the mice gets into your house, you should block the hole using a towel. After this, you can place the toilet roll bucket trap near the hole and it will trap the mice.

Releasing the Rodent

The best way to get rid of the pest without killing it is by releasing it several miles away from your home this will ensure that they will not find their way back to your house. It is important to release them in the wild where they will not go to other peoples homes. You can then apply natural mouse repellant products near your home to prevent more rodents from coming.  Mouse trap bait is effective in helping trap and contain mice even when you don’t want to kill them.

7 thoughts on “Mouse trap bait – what to use to catch rats and mice without killing them

  1. I hope you’re joking about being humane to pests. Rats and mice can carry serious diseases. The only time I would be humane is if it were a pet I want to recapture.
    Releasing them would perpetuate the problem of having pests in either my home my neighbor’s.
    They multiply quickly and we may find our properties overrun by them if we kept them alive.

      • Right on Tyler! GA is an idiot. Besides, the common house rat probably won’t survive long in the wild. At least it’s a more natural way to die than rat poison, which mummifies them from inside out. Yeah, GA, that’s over 24 hours of pain….no, pain is putting it lightly. It’s 24 hours of the most excruciating pain that, unfortunately, you will probably never experience. No creature deserves that.

      • Yes I have a problem now and it’s growing my neighbor wants me To
        leave for couple days and he said he would get rid. But I can’t do it. I just want to trap them or and then remove them quicklySO I will try and find a small animal trapping cage somewhere I know I am nuts but I was devastated when I was a kid I remember we had a mouse in the house and my dad bought a trap well I was used to the cartoon Tom and jerry, when I heard the trap go off I said we got em dad I ran over to ithe trap behind the chair and I still have that memory it was so sad he was looking at me and I could not believe ithat my dad did that, it was not like the cartoon and catching them by the tail. I am just a freaked out with my dad laughing at me and kept saying you did not know that happens but could hardly get his wordss out because of his laughter and me overly upset. I was 10 years old give me a break I am just a freakin animal lover, all animals
        And also I pi had a white mouse as a pet for years , I can’t believe my neighbor buys mice for this freakin frog she feeds them to that frog, omg , and I know they are so decease full, and a nusance and you should get them out because if decease and it’s not sanitary, I bleached all me kitchen area last night thinking the bleach smell would send them on there way but did not happen. Anyway thanks for listening

        Mouse trouble in riverview fl

        if I can not catch them t hen I will leave this house
        E for a week and Klee my neighbors take care,

    • They get diseases from other creatures it’s not their fault. Other animals carry disease too and we don’t run around killing them

  2. if i had a rat “problem” i wouldnt wanna kill them ok they carry dieseases chew wires and furnature but still couldnt bring myself to kill them so thanks for posting this.

    if i found and caught a rat without hurting it id relocate it in the woods/forest you couldnt pay me enough to kill a rat or mouse no way i have pet ones ok a little different but they still animals with feelings just like my rats i couldnt do it i take a wild rat to the vets if it needed help i really would.

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