Snap-E Mouse Trap Review

Snap-E Mouse TrapThe Snap-E Mouse trap by Snap-E is a very popular trap that resembles the old style snap traps we all are familiar with. But Snap-E seems to have “built a better mouse trap” with this one. If you’re looking for a simple trap to put around the house, this review will provide a little insight into this trap.

Snap-E’s innovations to the old standard snap-trap include a “bait cup” for ease of placing bait (it’s less likely to roll off or be blown away by wind). Also, the vertical strike bar that snaps down when the trap is triggered has to travel only half of the distance length as the old-timey snap-traps had to. This means that the trap will get to it’s target faster and deliver the fatal blow before the rodent has a chance to escape. I know this has happened to me on multiple times when I find a trap has been triggered, the mouse bait is gone, but there’s no culprit to be found! The speed of this trap should help alleviate that problem.

The trap is made of plastic and steel, so it can be reused multiple times and won’t develop stains or odors. Once you have a rodent in the trap, all you have to do is release it into your garbage can and you can reset the trap easily. Another great benefit is that you’re not using any kind of poison which has been shown to hurt the environment. In fact the government is considering restricting sales of rat poisons for this very reason. At the very least, you can feel safer with children and pets around. Just make sure the traps are out of reach so no little hands or paws get snapped!

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Best of luck in ridding your house or business of unwanted rodent guests!

PS: Here’s a great video on how to set a mouse trap safely, featuring the Snap-E Mouse Trap:


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